Hi! I'm Poppy! I'm a writer and game designer who LOVES creating things for people to enjoy and challenging myself with new genres, engines and ambitious goals. My earliest games were choose your own adventure books with titles such as 'The Stealer of Soles'(sic) and 'Final Destiny III' (Final Destiny I and II were never written), before moving to point and click games in powerpoint. I studied computer animation and 3D art for three years, and then realised that my true passion wasn't in creating art for games, it was creating games themselves. My main inspirations are games like Morrowind, Disco Elysium, Fable and a slew of any game that lets me explore a new world. Currently I am working on The Lovely Ladyverse, other fun personal projects and have day job working on cinematic horror games!

Outside of game development I am: